The 1st super race kicks off at 18:00 with a $400 top prize

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Rizk Races NZ

If you’re one of the many slot enthusiasts you’ll definitely need to check out our Rizk Races. Our slot tournaments give you plenty of action and all you have to do to win is to play on Rizk casino and make sure you’re fully focused as there are huge prizes waiting for you. 

With a free-to-join slot tournament being held every 30 minutes and two real cash prizes to be won every day, our Rizk Races are everything but ordinary online casino competitions. But there’s more, you’ll also get an additional two chances every night to make real money wins in Main Races that last 55 minutes. Up for the challenge? Here’s how it works:

Every 30 minutes

Rizk Races start every 60 minutes throughout the course of the day and run 24/7. Joining our Rizk Races is free and all you’ll have to do to compete is visit the Rizk Race page and start playing. There are many wager-free prizes to win and your goal is to get as many points as possible according to the set spin and time limit. Your position on the leaderboard will eventually determine your prize. It’s as straightforward as that.

Prizes up to $400

Make sure to pay some extra attention to the 2 Main Races that are held every day. One of the races starts at 19:00 CET and offers up a 1st place reward of $400 and the second race starts at 21:00 CET and offers the grand prize that stands at $400 as well. Both Main Races are fully free to join, last 55 minutes, and will run on one specific game at a time. If you’re up for major fun and major prizes, these are the races you want to join. 

Your Position on the Leaderboard

Your position on the leaderboard and the points you’ve won during the races are to be found on the right-hand side of your screen. The leaderboard is easily opened and closed by clicking on the Race logo, which can be found on the top right-hand side. Here you’ll also be able to see how many spins you’ve got left and how much time remains before the end of the race. The names and points of the top Racers are shown here too.

How Points are Awarded

Points in the Rizk Races are calculated based on:

  • Every win: +10 points.
  • 3 wins in a row: +30 points.
  • 3 losses in a row: +40 points.
  • Big wins (minimum of 10x the original bet): +300 points

Terms & conditions

  • All Rizk Races you want to take part in need to be joined before their official start time. If you don’t join a Race before it starts, you won’t be able to play.
  • All rewards will automatically be added to the Rewards Section after the Rizk Race is finished.
  • Once the maximum number of Rizk Race spins has been completed, no other points will be awarded.
  • In the event of a draw where two or more users finished the Rizk Race with the same amount of points, the winner is whoever achieved the score first.
  • Only spins that are made within each Rizk Race time frame count.
  • Each Rizk Race has a limited amount of spins available, only spins made in qualifying games after the start of a Rizk Race count.
  • In case of any technical issues the Rizk Race will be invalid: in such an event races are declared null and void.
  • Rizk Races run throughout the day and can be valid only on a specifically selected game that is decided on before the start of each Race. For all other Rizk Races, all casino games available in the lobbies can be played except table games, live dealer casino games, video poker games, 3 reel slot games, Genii games, Castle Builder slots, and titles that contain a feature collect mechanism or a gamble feature.
  • Users who limit themselves to playing Rizk Race Prize pools only will be excluded from participation in Rizk Races. If research shows that a user has manipulated the outcome of a Rizk Race, Rizk will (1) close the user’s online account(s); (2) invalidate the transactions, and/or (3) withhold the player’s winnings from such gameplay.